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Development of a Polythene Chipping Machine for Recycling Purposes PDFOlalekan Hammed, Sulaimon Abdulkareem, Ogunniyi Oluwadare, Adio TeslimIn the environment polythene constitutes a high percentage of municipal wastes which pose a lot of threat to human lives and properties. Hence, the need to manage these wastes comes in. The traditional methods of disposing polythene wastes have proved to be relatively expensive and unhealthy. Recycling of these non-biodegradable wastes will be more economical, healthy and safer for the environment. Thus, polythene chipping machine was developed using locally available materials via well structured designed and construction, and its performance was also evaluated. The machine has four major parts which include hopper, chipping chamber, delivery outlet and the frame. The machine was designed to use fixed and rotary blades which were primed by high-speed electric motor and was able to shred pure water sachets in to flakes. After testing the polythene chipping machine, it shredded the polythene bags into the desired chips. Results showed that the machine produced about 10.2 kg of chipped polythene flakes as output for 30minutes. Conclusively, the efficiency of the machine was 79.69% which indicate that the machine was able to serve its purpose. The successful development of this machine will assist the underdeveloped and the developing countries in cleaning up their environment from non-biodegradable polythene wastes which have constituted a serious health and environmental problems in the society.

machine design by abdul mubeen pdf

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FINGERPRINT BASED ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PDFL.S. Ezema, C.K.A. Joe-Uzuegbu, J. N. Eneh and I. AmanzeIn many institutions and organizations, student and staff attendance is taken seriously as most management frown at absenteeism and sanction the individuals involved. Traditionally, the method of attendance taking used to be done manually using a physical register booklet. This method is prone to manipulation and impersonation. The attendance register could get damaged, stolen or lost. Therefore, several electronic techniques were developed to counter some notable flaws typical with the traditional method. These include clocking machine, RFID, biometrics, etc. While the clocking machine and RFID methods could not solve the problem of impersonation properly, some people fear the health effects of the use of biometrics like iris and facial scanner. Fingerprint scanning has been by far the more acceptable biometric system with the ability to eliminate all the trouble spots reported so far although computer support is always required. Therefore, this paper presents a fingerprint attendance system designed to also operate as a standalone and handheld system without the use of a computer, unlike other fingerprint attendance systems.

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