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Prey For The Devil (2022)

The practice of exorcism has been practiced for centuries in various forms, usually in the name of religion. It has long been believed that people often displayed unusual or disturbing behavior because they were possessed by demons or the devil. The thought was that the devil possessed the human causing them to display erratic beliefs or behaviors and the only way to "cure" them was to perform rituals to force the devil to exit their body. With that type of subject matter including the devil inhabiting a human, it is no wonder that there have been numerous films, most of them within the horror genre, created to entice audiences to theaters.

Prey for the Devil (2022)

Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers; Salvation) is assigned to one of the many recently added institutions intent on training priests in the art of exorcism. Feeling a particularly strong connection to a young patient named Natalie (newcomer Posy Taylor), Ann starts hearing voices and having flashbacks to her youth when her own mother was possessed. As Natalie gets worse, Ann joins the Priests in training, determined to help Natalie get free from the demon inside her. Making startling discoveries regarding herself, Natalie, and other victims, Ann thinks she has found a way to cast the devil out of the poor, innocent, weak souls.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the horror film Prey for the Devil (2022). The original score music is composed by Nathan Barr (The Great, Halston, Carnival Row).

During the exorcism, the devil takes possession of Sister Ann and goes after Natalie, but Sister Ann shows the devil the power of the cross as she falls into the pond. At first, it seems like the devil has been exorcised, but as the movie ends, a possessed woman is seen looking at Ann entering a taxi. Sister Ann looks away and then back, only to see the possessed woman at her window. The devil had taken possession of the taxi driver, and Sister Ann brings out a cross. The movie ends with the taxi driver attacking Sister Ann. 041b061a72

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