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JADAR Travel and Cruise is here to make your travel experience so memorable you will want to "Come Back For More!"


Our very first priority is to get to know YOU. We familiarize ourselves with your likes, dislikes, your specific travel needs and expectations, and what is most important to you for your vacation. Then, because we are already familiar with destinations all over the world, we then play "Match Maker"! We match you to your most perfect vacation experience. 

We do this by setting up an initial complimentary consultation. This can be done in person, by phone, video conference, or even email. We work with you in the way that best suits you and your lifestyle. Then, after getting to know you, we begin crafting your vacation experience. 

As you can see, at JADAR Travel and Cruise, our ultimate goal is to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience from today until the day you return home from your vacation, and even beyond. We can't wait to get started creating an experience for you, where all you have to do is show up, have fun, relax and make memories! 


As we begin working together, you will have timely responses to your questions and concerns. We are available to you via phone, email, or in person, throughout the planning process. We are committed to finding that perfect destination for you, based on your preferences, needs and your desired spending plan. You will receive comprehensive, easy to navigate travel proposals, highlighting the details of your upcoming vacation.


Once your vacation is confirmed, you will receive a detailed itinerary outlining your travel plans and financial specifics. You will receive reminders via email regarding upcoming payments that are due. You will also receive informational emails specific to your destination that will help prepare you to travel. You'll receiving packing lists, dress codes, and a detailed checklist on how to be 100% ready for your vacation. 


When your vacation has been finalized and all payments have been applied you will receive access to our Itinerary App where you're be able to access real time information on your trip in our app and download current information about your travel. We also offer a "before you go" consultation where we answer your last minute questions and discuss everything you need to know and more. This is especially great for first time travelers!  You'll receive all you need to help you to be 100% confident about your vacation.


And last but certainly not least, when it's finally time for you to travel, we are available to you for any emergency or unexpected travel needs. As you know, life happens and travel can be unpredictable at times, but we are always here for you. We will supply you with experienced in-destination guest service contacts.

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